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ABC TELECOMM CO., LTD is officially registered in 2008 as one of the most competent service providers in various industries such as Telecommunications, Constructions, Power Generation, Manufacturing, Refueling Services and Professional Maintenance Service for Telecomm operators.

With expertise of project management, enrolling the development sectors of Myanmar substantially is our great aim to synchronize the growth of business with Government. Our exceptional management can take part in all engineering solutions with full access across thru any doubts. We well understand that the growth of business means the growth of company by developing projects in which various SOW are specified as per clients with ways of Standard of Procedures definitely as mandatory of road map.

Country Myanmar
Ownership Type Private
Sector Telecommunication, Electricity And Development
Date of Establishment Year 2008 (August 20)
No of Employees  1257


Completed Trainings

  • Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) training
  • Working at Height training from Teleconsult
  • First Aid training from Yangon Regional Red Cross Bridge
  • Health and Safety Environment (HSE) training¬†
  • Microwave Installation and commission from MPT
  • BSS and Core Network training from MPT
  • Basic Mobile Network Training
  • Rigging and Antenna Installation
  • RNC Installation and configuration
  • RAN ( Node B ) installation and configuration
  • Fiber Transmission specialist training

Main Customer List

In no particular order


In no particular order
  • AYA Bank
  • KBZ Bank
  • CB Bank
  • AGD Bank
  • UAB Bank